Anchor is the largest veteran-owned insurance and financial firm in the United States, and takes pride in serving America at every level. Our team works to help people in need and community causes, while always showing respect for every branch of the U.S. military. See some of our recent community service outings below, and feel free to join us for future community service opportunities!


Khris Bryan

Managing Partner | Strategic Insurance & Retirement Planning

A distinguished U.S. Navy combat veteran, Khris brings his unique brand of leadership rooted in the highest honors of military service. Spanning more than two decades in the insurance and financial industry, he has earned a reputation as a prominent professional, sought after across the U.S. for his adept solutions to the most intricate challenges individuals and businesses face.

Khris specializes in little-known tactical tax mitigation, wealth building and wealth transfer strategies that stand the test of time which are a testament to his resourcefulness. His groundbreaking approach to financial planning has merited the spotlight in publications such as Kiplinger, where his visionary methods have captured the attention of discerning audiences.

His exceptional strategies have served as the cornerstone upon which numerous agents and firms have realized their entrepreneurial and financial aspirations, adopting a contemporary, warfare-inspired ethos to conquer their clients' financial objectives providing real-world solutions.

The ultimate goal of his unparalleled process is to furnish his clients with a robust and adaptable financial foundation, enveloped in unwavering peace of mind.

In addition, Khris is the CEO of Wealth Warriors Foundation, the one and only consumer protection agency directory, free to the public, dedicated to positively influencing the insurance and financial industry nationwide. Wealth Warriors is the most innovating and disruptive directory database search engine in the nation, compiled by only the leading top 10% of insurance and financial industry leaders in the U.S. that have assembled behind the belief of providing proof of excellence to the consumer through military-grade background checks, giving the consumer the power to better know the person they are choosing when protecting their most precious assets.


Phil Pickle

Managing Partner | Strategic Insurance & Retirement Advisor

With over three decades of experience in the insurance and financial industry, Phil's expertise and skills have caught the eyes of both Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike, especially for his knowledge of tax mitigation and business succession strategies.

Right out of college, Phil began his career helping clients reach goals they had not even imagined they would achieve. Fast forward to 2008, exhausted by the limited resources of the typical conventional financial advisor, Phil co-founded what has now become one of the largest veteran-owned insurance and financial firms in the U.S. This allowed him to grow the firm's ability to offer numerous unconventional and time-tested planning strategies to Anchor's clientele, without prejudice of any restricted mindsets of conventional "box store" financial firms. Phil's vast network of industry contacts and resources throughout the nation allows the Anchor team to offer strategies and products that are unknown and out of reach to most financial professionals.

In addition, Phil serves as Executive Vice President of Wealth Warriors Foundation, with a core belief of doing the due diligence of cleaning up the financial industry from bad actors and protecting and leading seniors and families to the proper professional to ensure their assets aren’t realizing undue harm.

Our Advisors

Ben Martin

Financial Advisor | Wealth Management | Life Insurance

Alan McBroom

Wealth Management Specialist

Brittany Grant


Kevin Kaiser

Insurance & Financial Strategist

Ashli Martocci

Operations Manager

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