Katrina Chartier

Strategic Financial Professional

“Start planning before you think it’s time. Even small steps can yield significant results.”

Katrina is driven by her passion to educate others about eliminating debt and planning for their financial future. Since joining the firm in 2023, she has used her expertise to guide clients in finding solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Her own experiences inspired Katrina’s journey into financial literacy. Recognizing the importance of this knowledge, she decided to share it with others, becoming a resource for those around her. Her clients often commend her expertise in addressing their insurance and financial needs with diligence and precision. If there’s an answer she doesn’t know, she won’t rest until she finds it or connects them with someone who does.

Katrina hails from a large family in Iowa and cherishes time spent with her siblings, nieces and nephews. She is also a proud pet parent to two dogs — Myah, an Aussie, and River, a great Pyrenees mix. An avid traveler, Katrina loves visiting national parks and takes every chance to see the ocean.

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