December 12, 2018


Most Americans spend years planning out their retirements only to come to the realization that their account eventually reaches a plateau. In most cases, there are glaring issues that don’t provide the proper amount of time needed for remediation. If this sounds like a familiar problem, the experts at Anchor Financial Group can help. Planning your retirement doesn’t have to be hard; however, there are many common issues that you should account for as a pre-retiree.

Perhaps the most common problem that pre-retirees run into is that they underestimate their life expectancy. The rise of modern medicine has made it safe to assume that you will live up to 75 years and beyond. Realistically planning your retirement should account for this added life expectancy and ensure you have the financial resources needed to make the most of these golden years. This can help you avoid returning to the workforce after you have put so much work into securing the future for you and your spouse you have always dreamed of.

Another common problem is that pre-retirees neglect common health care costs, especially long-term care that may be needed if extended treatment is required. Your retirement planning should also account for this potential problem and can be disastrous if overlooked. In fact, this is the number error that pre-retirees overlook because they may currently be in good health. Ensuring you have the right protection and financial security for your future is more important now than ever.

Planning your financial future and retirement involves focusing on maintaining adequate income without the need for a salary, maximizing social security or pension benefits and ensuring you have sufficient health and long-term care protection. At Anchor Financial Group, we can help plan your retirement while minimizing financial risk. If you are ready to begin planning your future retirement with a proven strategy that is unique to your goals, we would love to help.

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