IRA Rollovers

IRA Rollovers
December 12, 2018

IRA Rollovers

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Whether you are looking to shift career paths or just want to make your IRA more effective, there are many reasons why you may be interested in an IRA rollover. Rolling over your individual retirement count requires the transfer of funds from either a 401k or another IRA with a direct transfer or a check provided by the distributing account's custodian. As the leading provider of Tulsa financial planning, Anchor Financial Group is here to help you navigate the unique circumstances surrounding your IRA rollover.

In most cases, IRA rollovers will occur following a change in careers or loss of jobs; however, if better benefits and investment opportunities are available through an alternative IRA, it may make sense to perform an IRA to IRA transfer. IRA rollovers can be performed once annually for an IRA to IRA transfer but does not apply to rollovers between traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs. If this rule isn't followed, extra transfers may need to be reported as gross income for the tax year. Knowing these rules and regulations will often require working closely with a financial planning expert.

At Anchor Financial Group, we are committed to helping you achieve your financial and retirement goals without the unneeded stress that can typically accompany it. There are many different factors that can help you determine which IRA plan is right for your rollover. The experts at Anchor Financial Group are ready to lend their experience and financial planning expertise. We are invested in your financial success. Share your retirement goals with us and we can help determine if a 401k rollover is the best fit for you.

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If you are ready to focus on your financial planning, the Tulsa financial planning experts at Anchor Financial Group are ready to assist you. As a Veteran-owned brokerage firm, we always look out for the best interest of our clients. Please call us at (918) 591-2880 to get started or Contact Us and a friendly member of our staff will reach out to you promptly. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your financial goals in Tulsa.

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