Strategic Estate Planning

Strategic Estate Planning
December 12, 2018

Strategic Holistic Estate Planning

At Anchor Financial Group, we pride ourselves on providing the best services possible in the estate planning industry. By focusing on strategic holistic estate planning, we are able to provide the most well-rounded services in not only the state of Oklahoma but the six surrounding states as well. All initial legwork is done with our partner companies to ensure you have the most comprehensive and holistic estate plan possible. This approach is designed to not only protect your assets to carry on to the next generation but also fulfill long-term care and post-retirement needs.

Our Strategic Holistic Estate Planning provides you with a well-rounded plan that includes recommendations from insurance professionals, CPAs, legal representatives, financial and wealth planning professionals, home equity experts and investment advisors. Anchor Financial Group will serve as the point man throughout this process, giving you peace of mind that your estate planning is in great hands. We will work hard to ensure that you have the resources needed to create an all-encompassing plan that benefits not only you but your beneficiaries as well.

Anchor Financial Group offers a vast array of retirement and financial planning strategies to work in conjunction with or, in some cases, replace your traditional 401k plan. As an independent brokerage, we represent a variety of only the top industry carriers. This gives you the flexibility in choices to build the right plan that protects your business, family and loved ones even after you are gone. It is never too early to begin your estate planning. Don't wait until disaster strikes to ensure you are covered.

The Best Service

At Anchor Financial Group we pride ourselves in providing the best services known to anyone in the estate planning industry. We have the most holistic approach of anyone in the state of Oklahoma and our six surrounding states.

All parties are involved to make sure you have the most comprehensive approach to your estate planning. Not only will we help you protect your assets from generation to generation but we will provide solutions to long-term care and post-retirement needs.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to focus on your financial planning, the Tulsa financial planning experts at Anchor Financial Group are ready to assist you. As a Veteran-owned brokerage firm, we always look out for the best interest of our clients. Please call us at (918) 591-2880 to get started or Contact Us and a friendly member of our staff will reach out to you promptly. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your financial goals in Tulsa.

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In an uncertain world, it can be difficult to know who you can trust with your family’s insurance and financial future. At Anchor Financial Group, we believe in creating a bond of trust and mutual respect from the moment you reach out to us to set up your free 15-minute financial health consultation. In addition, we will never cease to exceed your expectations during each of our dealings. Let us show you how the worlds of insurance and finance converge. We tailor the mix to best serve your unique insurance and retirement planning needs.

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